Council OKs Congestion Pricing; AG to Probe the ‘Smear Squad’


The Daily News this morning chose to highlight the City Council’s passing of Mayor Bloomberg’s congestion pricing proposal. This story is one where there’s a matter of perspective. The News headline on page 5 blares, “MAYOR GETS HIS WAY” while the Post chooses to highlight the 30-20 vote in favor of the proposal on page 2 with “‘Conge$t’ barely wins council OK.” The phrases “narrowly passed” and “merely squeaked” make their way into the lead and second paragraph of the Post story. The News notes it was “one of the closest votes in recent memory” in the third paragraph. The resolution now needs to go to the Albany Legislature, where things will get really interesting.

The Post‘s front-page story is a (well-deserved) pat on the back for yesterday’s exclusive on the “State Police Smear Squad”, as Gov. Paterson authorized Attorney General Andrew Cuomo to launch an investigation into the State Police. The “smear squad,” according to the Post is a “renegade unit that for years secretly compiled personal information on top state officials. Paterson gave Cuomo full subpoena power for witnesses and documents related to the case. It’s been long rumored that the New Jersey State Police keeps similar files on Garden State pols. This could get interesting….