New Book Claims Dick Cheney Was Young Once!


Everybody loves young Dick, especially Michael Jackson, so USA Today op-ed columnist Bruce Kluger and his writing partner David Slavin have done a book called Young Dick Cheney: Great American, a faux bio for faux children about a faux, I mean very real, American hero. Kluger tells me, “It’s a send-up of those historical bios we were force-fed in elementary school (e.g. Young Abe Lincoln), only this one’s about our notorious Veep. I’m not crazy enough to think we’ll get a rise out of Dick over the book, but we may have a shot at his wife.” A shot at his wife? Hopefully not with her hubby’s hunting gun! No, what Kluger actually means is “Our depiction of Lynne is (how do I put this?) sexually inflammatory.” Hmm, THAT should get a rise out of Dick.