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The selection of works at the Left Out Festival, a celebration of gay performance art, portrays many facets of gay life, from social awkwardness and desperation, to academic exigencies, to whimsical good humor. Highlights include Anthony Johnston’s Art’s Heart, in which a childlike recluse likened to Pee-wee Herman spies on his handsome neighbor with binoculars; Bait, in which Tom Gualtieri and David Sisco play two friends who attend a speed-dating event—and all the men they meet at three-minute intervals (28 characters total); and The Misadventures of Julia Child, in which Michelle Ramoni imagines a lesbian inner life for the legendary cooking star. The festivities culminate with a “Gay-la” on April 13, wherein performance artists and drag queens illogically but quite fabulously mingle with straight soap hunks—All My Children’s Aiden Turner is the celebrity guest DJ.

April 6-14, 2008

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