Photos: Die! Die! Die! at Music Hall of Williamsburg [03.29.08]


Die! Die! Die!
Music Hall of Williamsburg
Saturday, March 29
photos by Rebecca Smeyne

Steve Albini recorded the 2007 self-titled debut from New Zealand’s Die! Die! Die! and their February S.A.F. release Promises, Promises is 40 minutes of crispy punk excellence, but how’d the relatively unknown Kiwi punks end up with a two-night headlining schedule at the Music Hall of Williamsburg and Highline Ballroom this past weekend? Are they big in the Ukraine or something? Because their Highline Ballroom date got canceled, and their Music Hall show was empty. Apparently they took the piss-poor turnout in swell spirits: as our intrepid photographer reports, “They played in the crowd a lot to keep things lively, and there were a few mega-fans present, like the guy in the No Age shirt.” Hate to sound like a Catholic schoolmarm on heavy petting, but maybe there is such a thing as too much too soon?

Don Allred on Promises, Promises