Reefer Madness Strikes Mid-Level Celebrities!


You too should be able to smoke pot. . . (if you’re seriously ill. . . )

A bunch of heathen celebs have become recklessly engaged in the act of promoting marijuana! It’s true, familiar names like Lewis Black, Savion Glover, Montel Wiilliams, Michelle Phillips, and Jackie Martling are brazenly going on public record to say pot should be instantly legalized! These deeply conflicted lowlives are on the event committee for a May 14th event at Highline Ballroom (431 W. 16 Street) that will shamelessly celebrate the Marijuana Policy Project (, a disgraceful hedonistic assemblage of bible-haters who believe in compulsively passing the dutchie. Oh, wait a minute. Hold that toke. Can that cannabis. On closer inspection, it says on the release that “MPP is leading the fight to gain medical marijuana access for seriously ill New Yorkers who have the approval of their physicians.” You mean that’s all this is? It’s not to make weed OK for everyone and their grandma? Wusses!