Our Man Sietsema and the Very Small Piglet


This week, Our Man is in Astoria, eating grilled pig at Arcos, a Portuguese churrasqueira. He loves the place, especially the charcoal-grilled suckling pig:

“…wads of dark luscious meat interleaved with layers of fluffy white fat into a sort of carnivorous napoleon. Barely adhering, the burnished skin perched on top as light and crisp as a potato chip.”

A carnivorous napoleon? This makes us crave suckling pig and it’s not even 9am. Damn you, Our Man!

It turns out the restaurant grills three or four “very small pigs” every Friday and Saturday. Other days of the week, Our Man recommends the pork chops, and reminds us not to miss the excellent homemade potato chips.

Arcos isn’t all about the meat, it also specializes in seafood, like grilled octopus in lemon and garlic and clams steamed in wine, parsley and garlic.

Also! Our Man discovers a “chourico sausage of Ron Jeremy length,” enjoys a $22 bottle of Monte Velho, loves the salt cod fritters, and finds only one item on the menu that’s a total flop.