Photos: Dan Deacon, Health, Black Pus at the Market Hotel


Dan Deacon holding hands with his friends

Dan Deacon, Health, Black Pus
Market Hotel
Tuesday, April 1
photos by Rebecca Smeyne

Pretty sure last night’s Health and Black Pus (a/k/a Lightning Bolt’s Brian Chippendale) show was the first weekday Market Hotel music since the NYPD went Orlando’s on its ass. But with Baltimore touring automaton Dan Deacon added to the bill late last week, DIY don Todd P arranged for tickets to be sold at Cinders Gallery and Goodbye Blue Monday in advance, rather than having the Pratt bus roll up at the last minute and puke 300 kids at the door. Good move: it appears that everything went spectacularly. “Dan Deacon was crazy,” reports back our venerable lens-lady. “He played against a wall in a narrow area between two speaker stacks. The crowd was on top of him.” This man better have healthcare.

Black Pus

Health was sick

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