Drag Movie Rises Out of the Pits


Don’t tell me this blog doesn’t work magic! Two months ago, I ran a post about a movie I’d seen on DVD—Gary Legault’s East of the Tarpits, starring drag icon Holly Woodlawn as a chanteuse who worships Streisand—and was outraged that in all its fruity glory, the film had been rejected by every single film festival in the world. I mean it’s an “intoxicatingly funny Douglas Sirk-ian campathon” and there were no takers, not even at Cannes, which will show anything, even that Norah Jones flick! Well, someone from the illustrious New York Underground Film Festival read that item and instantly booked the kitchen-sink comedy for tonight at 1030pm at Anthology Film Archives (32 Second Avenue). They’re promoting it so heavily they’ve even gotten someone very special to introduce it onstage—the same person who said it’s an “intoxicatingly etc etc.” You’re reading him! See you there!