Rage Within the Machine: Bill Clinton’s Meeting with California Delegates


At first glance of the accompanying article, the front page of the New York Post seems to be peddling some old news about the election in an attempt to make you part with your hard-earned quarter. After all, the “Barack can’t win” comment comes from back when Hillary Clinton was courting what she thought was unwavering support from New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson. Richardson, a well-known supporter of both Bill and Hillary Clinton, endorsed Obama, which spurred another Clinton supporter, James Carville, to call him “Judas.”

This is all old news at this point, but the new twist is the reported meltdown that Bill Clinton had last weekend during a private meeting with California superdelegates. The San Francisco Chronicle quoted anonymous attendees who say that the former president launched into a tirade about the betrayal by Richardson when asked about Carville’s “Judas” remark. Why not a “BUBBA MELTDOWN” headline? Doesn’t the Post live for this stuff?

The Daily News has more fun with the story, placing it on page 6 across from a page-7 article on Barack Obama’s testy exchange with a man bugging him for a picture. “DEMS GONE WILD!” burst accompany a picture of Bill Clinton and one of Obama. The Obama story is interesting because it portrays the candidate as all-too-human as he gets annoyed with a guy who keeps insisting on getting his picture with the Illinois Senator. Obama thought the guy was going to snap the pic and sell it on eBay. All Obama wanted to do was chow down on some fine meats in the Italian Market in Philly. Can’t you leave a guy alone? (Seriously, the paper’s worth it for the “DEMS GONE WILD” and the photo of Obama stuffing some sort of fabulous Italian meat product into his mouth. Is it prosciutto? Does it matter?)