Whitney and Bobby Were a Sham? What Next: Rosie and Tom Cruise?


So in Bobby Brown‘s upcoming autobiography, according to Page Six, the r&b star says he feels Whitney mainly married him to “clean up” her image after all that lesbian talk started to reach every living organism? Can I get a “yes, Musto, you were right again, oh soothsayer prince?” Did I not say from the beginning—think back—that this was a sell-your-soul-music-to-the-devil setup designed to help careers and that codependency and enablement are what kept it going so freakin’ long? There IS one thing I was wrong about, though. I always assumed it was skanky Bobby who dragged nice Whitney down the drug path with his evil ways, but according to him, she’s the one who took HIM down the road of hard drug use and heavy self medicating. Well, as Whitney herself sang–or actually lipsynced–“Ho, say, can you see/By the bong’s early light. . .”

Page Six on Bobby’s upcoming autobiography