Endless Summer: Cheap Mexican in WBurg That’s Actually Good


Today, guest blogger Araceli Cruz, an editor here at VV, tells you all about Endless Summer, a taco truck near her apartment in Williamsburg. Araceli happens to be from LA, land of taco trucks, so she knows of which she speaks. Take it away:

As a native of California, I’ve inhaled as much Mexican food as smog, but in New York it’s a different story, especially in my neighborhood––Williamsburg. Mexican food is scarce, at least in the vicinity between Metropolitan and North 12h Street.
Aside from their cheap margaritas, San Loco is an utter disappointment. Vera Cruz, which sits on Bedford Avenue, was actually really good, especially their chicken flautas and cheese enchiladas, but after they recently reopened, the flavors are dull.
Though recently, there’s no denying the carne asada aroma that’s been coming from the corner of North Sixth and Bedford.

The enticing scent leads to Endless Summer, a taco truck owned by two dudes (seriously they’re dudes) named Jeff and Curtis. The joint venture is almost a year old, though has only been making waves on Bedford Avenue for a couple of months.
I finally got to experience Endless Summer and was extremely surprised. My friends and I ordered a pork taco ($2.50), a chicken burrito ($5), a Mexican corn ($2.50), and a side of beans and rice ($2.50). They also sell vegetarian tacos and burritos.
The first thing that stood out was the tenderness of the pork and it wasn’t greasy at all. The use of light sour cream and queso fresco in the taco really enhanced the pork’s flavor. The (big) burrito was a bit bland, but their salsa gave it that extra kick. And even though I’m not a fan of Mexican rice, this rice was superbly plump and the pinto beans were juicy (just the way my mom makes them). The corn was also yummy, although it wasn’t grilled which I don’t mind at all because the steam preserves the corn’s flavor and juices, they did overload it with chile powder but the side of lemon cools it off.
Hopefully Endless Summer (without the brotherly bickering inside) will still be around this hot season.