Naked Talent to Brighten Our Fair Tourist District


American Idol is going naked? Great! Now Paula can rest her little, nodding-off head on Simon’s paunch and Ryan can prove he’s straight by making his privates pop to attention whenever a clotheless female contestant performs! No, wait, it’s actually just an American Idol-LIKE revue that’s going to be naked. It’s a live show at Dillons (on West 54th Street) slated for May called Barry Z Presents: Raw Talent, featuring a parade of nude flesh competing before presumably clothed celebrity judges (though I can’t vouch for the audience). But there’s been a setback. Barry—who’s had that lunatic public access show for 16 years—wanted to take out an ad in Backstage to get some, um, talent for the show, but they nakedly refused him! Says Barry, “Considering they took ads for Naked Boys Singing and The Full Monty, I was surprised, shocked, and, disappointed! For a magazine that supposedly caters to the acting and performance talent in NYC, this is their loss.” What balls! Oh, well, most people who want to trot their privates around at Dillons probably don’t read much anyway.