New Old Place for Gays to Strip and Dance


The Park, the sprawling West Side restaurant/hangout, might play home to the gays once again, seeing as promoter Josh Wood is in talks to launch a Thursday night there in two weeks. This will be just in time for the warmer weather, which will encourage the gays hanging out in the place’s outside regions to take their shirts off, not that the gays need any prompting whatsoever to do that. But meanwhile, there’s some competition for the Thursday night shirtless gay crowd. Pop Rocks moved to its new location on Spring Street last night and got some fun-lovin’ boys out (though they weren’t as trashy as usual, alas. What the hell is wrong with these kids today?) And that old standby Splash was actually thriving last night with campus cuties in all manner of fleshy display. So at least one night a week, it’s really good to be gay, cute, and superficial. Works for me.

PS: The Lord giveth and she taketh away. Rapture Cafe, the East Village bookstore/club, is closing on April 24. How non-rapturous.