Could Barbra and Brolin Play a Married Couple? They Already Do!


Barbra Streisand and Jim Brolin have outpaced all the naysayers and made their union last like butter. But shouldn’t they act together already—I mean onscreen? Couldn’t they emerge as a thesping team to equal the Lunts and the Burtons or at the very least the Afflecks? That’s the dream of writer/director Gary Legault, whom I just caught up with at the New York Underground Film Festival, where he was premiering his East of the Tar Pits, starring Holly Woodlawn as a down-on-her-luck performer who’s obsessed with Babs and goes on a pilgrimage to the superstar’s old Malibu ranch. Legault told me he’s written a script for the Streisands—I mean the Brolins—in which they would play a middle-aged married couple going through a rough patch, only to have their son suggest they go on a date and recapture the love that first drew them together. He’s sent it to one of Barbra’s three secretaries and I just know they’ll find it a better idea than her other options—Meet The Fockers Again, Funny Middle-Aged Woman, and The Way We Were A Really Long Time Ago.