I Know Something You Don’t Know: Monday’s Exclusives Roundup


Today’s tabloids have a ton of exclusives that range from Troopergate to the dangers lurking in city schools. Here’s a quick roundup of how the Post and Daily News are trying to outdo each other today.

Oh, Baby! The front page of the Post announces that one of the top candidates for city comptroller is pregnant. Why is this front-page worthy? Apparently it’s newsworthy because City Councilwoman Melinda Katz conceived via in-vitro fertilization and is going to be a single mother. She tells that Post that although “I hadn’t found the man I wanted to marry, I knew that I wanted to be a mother.” The Post is getting to be all-nontraditional-pregnancy-all-the-time, as this story follows Friday’s front page on the pregnant man.

The curious decision to leave the latest in Troopergate off the front page may have been because that would have made the Post too politics-heavy with its Clinton headline and the revelation that retired State Police official Daniel Wiese failed to give up his badge and police credentials after retiring. Frederic U. Dicker reports that Daniel Wiese, despite retirement was still considered the de facto leader of the special unit under investigation for its political shenanigans. Wiese had ties to former Governors Pataki and Spitzer.

The Post also features an exclusive interview with John Gallego, a survivor of the horrific crane collapse on East 50th Street that killed seven people last month, as well as news that BJ’s Wholesale Club will open a store in a former bus depot on the Brooklyn waterfront in Bensonhurst.

The Daily News, meanwhile, has a front-page investigation on school buildings that have unacceptable levels of the toxin PCB. Apparently the window caulking on schools built in the 1960s and 1970s commonly featured PCBs. The toxins can hinder a child’s development.