French Kicks Residency at Mercury Lounge: Tonight and Tuesday 4/15


Unlike their Franco-military counterparts, the eternally almost-famous French Kicks have refused to accept defeat. The hard-touring Washington D.C. natives saw their first success in Brooklyn and released their latest album, Two Thousand, in 2006, bringing a less-abrasive pop-rock touch to the proceedings. The French Kicks reign now as the equivalent of alt-rock middle-management, but they still have time to catch up to the kings of the scene. NICHOLSON.

Tonight’s the second night of a three-week French Kicks residency honoring their new release Swimming (already out on iTunes) at the Mercury Lounge. From the French Kicks site:

“Tuesday, April 8 is Subjects night. For those of you who do not yet know what that means, this will be something you will not want to miss.” It is technically sold out.

BUT, next week April 15th isn’t. Opener “will be our friend Miguel Mendez, artist and songwriter who wrote some hits for Dios Malos, and has been consistently putting out cool music from his bedroom in Brooklyn for years.”

Mercury Lounge, 217 E Houston St.