“Who says women aren’t funny?” ask the creators of the Hysterical Festival. Well, no one. But any excuse to put a bunch of crass and sassy broads onstage for one night is good enough for us. This showcase, presented by BUST magazine, will raise money for the five-day, female-focused laugh-in, which comes to New York this fall. The multi-disciplinary festival will draw from a variety of talent pools: stand-up, music, burlesque, film, and other artistic areas. Tonight’s lineup includes the shockingly raunchy vocal prowess of Bridget Everett (At Least It’s Pink); Heather Lawless, most recently of Be Kind Rewind; Mel and El; and a trio of Jews (Adira Amram, Ophira Eisenberg, and Rachel Feinstein), arguably the funniest girls of all.

Mon., April 14, 8 p.m., 2008