Michael Ruhlman Asks the Audience, Wears his Sunglasses Indoors


Author Michael Ruhlman wants to know what you think are the emerging food trends in the US.

Apparently, Ruhlman has been asked by a “prominent food magazine” to come up with predictions for the next big thing. He opened up the question to comments on his blog, and responses range from interesting (“better control over temperature for the home cook”) to the, um, upsetting ( “cooking with urine…I think it might work with french fries”) As always, the internets brings out the crazies.

Thoughts? Share them here.

(On an unrelated note, No Reservations Las Vegas was on last night, in which Ruhlman and Bourdain go on an eating and drinking orgy all over the city. And all I could think was: Why, why, must Ruhlman wear his sunglasses indoors? That’s only okay if you’re blind.)