Photos: Mick Jones, Carbon/Silicon at Irving Plaza [04.04.08]


Matt Pond PA
Irving Plaza
Friday, April 4
photos and text by John Nikolai
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Carbon/Silicon are the legendary Mick Jones (formerly of the Clash and Big Audio Dynamite) and Tony James (formerly of Generation X, Sigue Sigue Sputnik and Sisters of Mercy), plus bassist Leo “EezyKill” Williams and drummer Dominic Greensmith. Playing on Friday, April 4th at The Fillmore New York @ Irving Plaza, Carbon/Silicon couldn’t have been better.

Set list.

No one seemed to mind that the band’s set didn’t contain a single cover of a song by Generation X or The Clash, though “Police and Thieves,” a song by Junior Murvin that The Clash covered, made it into the encore. (Though it’s not listed ^up there).

Despite the band’s most impressive family tree and the fact that Carbon/Silicon has been around for five or six years already, seems like many of Jones’ and James’ old fans are only learning about the band’s existence now.

At one point during the set, there was some kind of minor technical problem that was delaying the band from starting their next song. Mick Jones, veteran entertainer that he is, decided to keep the audience engaged by telling a joke. A man goes to see a doctor because he has a problem. He thinks that he’s a moth. “Well,” the doctor tells him, “I think I need to refer you to someone else. What you need is a psychiatrist.” The man replies, “I know that. But I was going by your office and was drawn here because I saw your light on. . .”

Opener Matt Pond onstage

Matt Pond after the show. As this picture was taken, he told his photographer not to write anything bad about his band as they’d already had a difficult day in the press.