Get lost in Judith Supine’s maze

If you’ve seen the Voice‘s All City graffiti blog, then you know we’re huge fans of the street artist Judith Supine. Some of his hilarious stunts have included wheat-pasting the military-recruitment center in Times Square (in broad daylight) and hanging a massive neon collage monster from the Manhattan Bridge. Check out his latest gonzo masterpiece at tonight’s opening party for his installation Dirt Mansion. Constructed inside the warehouse space of English Kills in Bushwick, the piece is a dimly lit labyrinth of tunnels, chutes, and ladders intermingled with 20-foot wooden puppets. Sorry—David Bowie won’t be there as Jareth the Goblin King. From 5 to 9, English Kills Art Gallery, 114 Forrest Street, Brooklyn, englishkillsartgallery.com, free ANGELA ASHMAN



Galapagos hosts a cultural ball, with a twist

Hey, April Fools’ Day came and went over a week ago . . . so we’re a bit baffled as to why Le Poisson d’Avril­: The Ball of Fools is being held in the middle of the month—maybe that in itself is the trick? With partygoers strolling about and dancing around in painted faces, DJs spinning on two floors, and music buzzing from four bands, you’re sure to be in a joker’s daze. Presented by RussianMix.com, this third edition of the annual festival will also feature artwork by more than 30 local artists. At 7, Galapagos Art Space, 70 North 6th Street, Brooklyn, 718-782-5188 $15–$20 ARACELI CRUZ



A band of satanic space robots saves the LES from the undead

Many buildings in the city are tormented by a recurrence of pestilential rodents that can’t be extinguished. But the Lower East Side’s MF Gallery has a more serious problem: It continues to be plagued by zombies. For the opening of Zombies Attack Again, the return of the popular zombie-art show featuring frightful works by Fernando Carpaneda, Frank Russo, and many more, these rotting monsters will descend upon the gallery to feast on the flesh of those in attendance. And what’s the best way to vanquish the undead? With mind-melting speed metal. Luckily, the band of satanic superhero robots called Dethrace will be there to deliver a “Deadly 2000 Megawatt Metal Performance” to blast them back to their graves. Survival tip: Come dressed as a zombie or arrive early (around 4 p.m.) for a free zombie makeover—you’ll score free beer for your efforts. At 7, MF Gallery, 157 Rivington Street, 917-446-8681, mfgallery.net, free KENAN DAVIS