What’s So Wrong About Max Mosley’s Hotsy Totsy Nazis?


I’m not as horrified as everyone else is that FIA President Max Mosley was filmed going into a “sex dungeon” where he had girls dressed like Nazis make him bend over and stuff. What’s the problem? The Holocaust was awful, rotten, and unredeemable, duh. So why not turn it into some kinky fun years later, sort of like Mel Brooks did? It’s not like Mosley’s endorsing what happened–he’s just using the horror to get his old rocks off. Of course it complicates things that Mosley’s dad was a big-time Nazi himself. And that Mosley is, of course, married to another one of those unsuspecting Dina McGreevey types. But the whole phenomenon of people being smeared and pilloried because they had consensual sex is starting to become a rather tiresome turnoff. With Spitzer, at least, we were dealing with a big hypocrite who had lobbied against prosties while fucking them up every orifice. But this guy? He paid to be treated like shit! What is the problem with that? If you want to use a historical tragedy to humiliate yourself, shouldn’t that be your prerogative? Shouldn’t you even be allowed to see Saw sequels if you so desire? Oh, well. At least this gives us a chance to look at the seamy, embarrassing video one more time. It’s grainy and has more narration than a Morgan Freeman movie, but if you don’t watch it, I will make you bend over.