Elton John & Hillary Clinton: One Night Only


She’s no Princess Di, but she does need the money, and apparently that’s reason enough. For one night only, Elton John and noted gay-marriage opponent Hillary Clinton will unite to print up what will hopefully be the last batch of souvenir tickets commemorating Clinton’s ’07-’08 presidential campaign. With any luck, the imaginary snipers who tried to take her out last time she dared appear in public with an entertainer (what up, Sinbad?) will be too busy fighting imaginary wars elsewhere to return and cause trouble, but be warned: 15 years from now you may find out that tonight, you inadvertently (though bravely!) ventured into a war zone. — ZACH BARON

‘ELTON JOHN & HILLARY CLINTON: ONE NIGHT ONLY,’ Radio City Music Hall, 1260 Sixth Ave., New York, NY 10020