‘Roids Are All the Rage: Other Stories Making News


The Post shows that steroids scandals aren’t just in baseball with their exclusive on the NYPD’s implementation of random steroid tests in the wake of last year’s scandal involving police officers obtaining steroids from a Bay Ridge pharmacy. Keeping with their tradition of classiness and sympathy, not once, but twice does the story note that the owner of the pharmacy “blew his brains out” in January, three months after the scandal broke. What I want to know is why the Post saved the best headline, “Police in for a ‘roid awakening,” for page 4.

The News continues to pile it on Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver today with its “Shell’s Kitchen” roundup of various pet projects. It’s worth buying the paper to see “Sheldon Silver’s Top 10 Achievements” in full tabloid glory: All the spaces are blank, accompanied by a burst exclaiming, “*Yes, you read that right.”

Eliot and Silda Spitzer were spotted together at NYU Medical Center yesterday evening, and the Post serves up an article of idle speculation as to why the two were there together.

Naomi Campbell’s ban from British Airways gets the front-page treatment in the Daily News, but the Post pegs the story to the arrest of Sanitation Lt. John Fitzgerald, who was busted yesterday for allegedly forging a gun permit. Fitzgerald made the front page of the Post last year for carting around Campbell’s purse while the outburst-prone supermodel performed community service as penance for chucking her cellphone at her maid back in 2006.