The High-Art Grandeur of the Yngwie Malmsteen Album Cover


He was somehow both behind and ahead of his time.

Because Internet-based album-cover humor pieces will never lose their luster, we proudly direct you to “Tangled Up in Hues: Excellence in Rock Portraiture,” a witty and erudite (is “polymammalianly” really a word?) curatorial exercise by beloved Voice associate/friend/groomsman Nate Cavalieri, housed on Rhapsody’s official blog, Play. (Wouldn’t “Party Mountain” be a better name for that blog? You think so too? Good.) Behold the bold and bizarre artistic choices made by such disparate hitmakers as David Bowie, Bob Dylan, Yngwie Malmsteen, and Meat Loaf. And find out for yourself which JJ Cale record “features a priapic North American raccoon clad in some kind of smoking jacket, contemplating a famished beagle.” Here is your high-culture fix for the day.