Another Day, Another (Much Different Kind of) Train Jerk


OK, obviously this is not on par with threatening a beat-down because your quiet commute on the LIRR is being disturbed by someone yapping on his or her cellphone. No the “Subway Perv” is much, much worse (and criminal even.) As if the crowded 6 train isn’t stressful enough enough, the Daily News has to tell us about how Freddie Johnson has been arrested 53 times, 29 of which were sexual abuse offenses, most of them occurring on the subway. Johnson was nabbed again yesterday for rubbing up against a 19-year-old Hunter College freshman on said train. He is serving lifetime parole for his variety of offenses, and another victim of Johnson’s tells the News that she hopes the perv gets sent back to the clink.

But it wasn’t all “bad” train news today…

Plainclothes cops came to the rescue of a woman who jumped on the tracks in the Bronx as a maintenance train was pulling into the station. According to the News, the officers ran to the edge of the platform and made the special signal to the conductor, commanding him to stop. The train screeched to a halt within 2 feet of the woman.