Me Alert! I’ll Be Kvetching in Chelsea Tonight!


I adore Jews. I feel they’ve contributed a lot to society, and not just in restaurants and fashion. So when two Jewish ladies named Ronna & Beverly (aka R&B) contacted me to be in their comedy show as an interview subject, I was fa-fucking-klempt. The email from comic Jessica Chaffin went like so: “We play ‘Ronna & Beverly’ and do what’s essentially a talk show. We play two yentas who have written a book called You’ll Do A Little Better Next Time: A Guide to Marriage and Re-marriage for Jewish Singles. Essentially, it will be like being interviewed by your mother’s nosy friends, only hopefully more fun.” After checking out the gals’ videos on RonnaAndBeverly.com—no pressure—I said oy vey, I mean NO WAY would I not do this. It’s tonight at 8 at Upright Citizens Brigade (307 W. 26 Street). Come and help me out of this pickle.