Anonymous to ‘Reconnect’ with Scientology Protest Picnic


Tomorrow the assembled masses of “Anonymous” will gather for a third time to air their grievances with the Church of Scientology. Dubbed “Operation Reconnect” these events will seek to highlight the Church’s practice of “disconnection” and how Church practices allegedly separate families. Locally “Operation Reconnect” will materialize as a massive rally/picnic on the East Meadow of Central Park, kicking off at 11 a.m.

The Church of Scientology, which did not return our requests for comment, has stated in the past that “disconnection,” whereby Scientologists are separated from non-believing family members, is only carried out in extreme cases and is not standard procedure for all Church members. Former Church member and public relations operative Tory Christman, now a leading critic of Scientology, said the Church’s spin on “disconnection” as a rarity is totally false.

“They go, ‘whoever’s disconnected, they want to be,’” said Christman. “That’s not true.” Christman added that Scientologists have two options for dealing with those family members that are skeptical of their Hubbardesque faith: disconnect, or speak only of non-controversial topics like the weather.

Though “Anonymous” saw significant growth in attendance from their first February protest to their second in March, enthusiasm for “Operation Reconnect” did not seem quite as great as it did for last months “Operation Party Hard,” which sarcastically celebrated Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard’s birthday. Still one Anon who, of course, asked not to be identified, was sure the turnout would be tremendous.

“There is a lot of excitement, even though there is a possibility of rain. No matter what we will adapt and do what we can,” said the Anon. “There has been a lot of people getting involved and making the success of this mission personal.”