How Do You Know a Celeb Is Gay?


This post is done with all due props to the douches at, who inadvertently gave me the idea and even provided some of the answers. Anyway, the major signifiers are:

*Never uses pronouns. (“The person I date…”)

*Is dating Liz Taylor, Brooke Shields, or Debbie Rowe

*Has no time for any silly romance (“Much too busy for that sort of thing!”)

*Has time for it, but won’t talk about it (“I don’t see the point…”)

*Says labels aren’t important (“We’re all the same under the skin.”)

*Announces “There’s nothing wrong with being gay. But I’m suing because…”

*Arrives at a premiere with a woman who disappears. After some shuffling in the dark, the celeb ends up sitting next to his hunky beau.

*Is a former boy band member