Studly Party Promoter Overcomes Neurological Disorder And Has Drink Tickets


After a night with the gays at Beige, it’s a welcome palate cleanser to toddle around the block and drop by the new cub Antik to see how the other half loves. Last Tuesday night, the waitress-only hangout was mainly filled with squealing straight girls along with a few feyish boys, some heteros on a date, and a burly mafioso-looking type brooding in the corner. Worked for me! The promoter there is Keith Collins, the personable guy whom I’ve long known as the spiritual nephew of the Village People’s original cowboy Randy Jones, and who is both an actor and a spokesman for Tourette Syndrome, which he’s battled. Collins told me that he got beaten up a lot as a kid for going into fits and spitting at people, but he’s gotten things under control, letting off unwanted energy by wiggling his toes. That’s ingenious! Come on, everybody, let’s all blow off steam via our toesies! Let’s do the Tourette!