Efficient Germans Eliminate Waiters


‘S Baggers, a restaurant in Nuremburg, Germany, is completely automated, making it possible for you to go to dinner without speaking to a single human. First, order off a touch screen (the menu is heavy on the meat, and includes a “slaughterhouse meat platter” ) and later, your meal comes sliding down a spiral track system to your table. Their motto: ” All good things come from above”

You can even set up direct debit for your meals, and pay just once at the end of the month.

Hasn’t Battlestar Galactica taught these people anything? The system could evolve and multiply and start force-feeding us sausage.

Other Europeans are finding this very amusing. A commenter on the Guardian food blog: “The reason this works is that you can only order three things to eat in Germany, and two of them are sausages.” The BBC is just glad the system means they don’t have to tip.