What Do Marilyn Monroe and Paris Hilton Have in Common? Celebrity News Roundup


Well, according to the Post, the answer is “both made a sex tape.” In an exclusive report, the Post reveals that a 16mm film of Marilyn Monroe going downtown on an unidentified man sold for $1.5 million at auction. The version that was sold is an illicit copy of an FBI-classified film that seems to be from the 1950s. The film is infamous, as then-FBI director J. Edgar Hoover tried his hardest to prove that the mystery man with Marilyn was either RFK or JFK. Just don’t expect this to be as successful as One Night in Paris, the unnamed businessman who bought the tape has no plans to release it.

Meanwhile, the Daily News reports the shocking truth behind Britney Spears’ latest traffic dust-up: the troubled pop tart was actually sober when she got into a fender-bender on Saturday night. The paper uses this chance to run down the litany of vehicular sins Spears has committed in the past few years.

Dr. Phil is hot water again for meddling where he shouldn’t. You may remember how the talk show host blabbed to reporters about visiting Spears during her hospitalization earlier this year. This time one of his producers is under fire for bailing out the ringleader of a group of cheerleaders charged with beating a fellow student in the interest of getting an “exclusive” interview with her. Plans for a show based on the incident, which was taped and posted on the internet, provoking nationwide outrage.

And finally, the Daily News is on a roll with its dispatches from the wedding of Ivana Trump to Rossano Rubicondi. According to gossip scribe Ben Widdicombe, Donald Trump Jr. threatened to kill his new stepfather while giving a speech celebrating the nuptials. Trump Jr. said, “We are a construction company and we have job sites, we lose people” and added, “You better treat her right, because I have a .45 and a shovel.” What a classy way to toast the woman who gave you life and her new hubby!