Will & Grace Star Lusts for Straight Guys!


Even if you’ve never heard of Leslie Jordan, you know him, honey. He was the screamingly funny Beverly Leslie on Will & Grace. His petite Southern frame has also popped up in other TV shows and in movies like the campy Sordid Lives, which is turning into a Logo series he’ll also apppear in. And tonight, Jordan flows into New World Stages for a one-person show called My Trip Down the Pink Carpet, filled with dish and delirium. Still don’t know him? Fine, well you’ll be interested to hear what he has to say anyway. Jordan just told Next magazine that he likes to surround himself with cute, young straight guys he affectionately calls his “poodles.” And apparently a leash or a muzzle aren’t required. Says Jordan, “Gay boys will always leave you for better, hotter boys. These straight guys, we take off for Palm Springs, they go off and gamble and fuck the girls, but they’re always there for daddy.” Hmm. Is this scenario a reflection of horrid self-loathing or just canny realism? I don’t know, but my poodles and I think it’s just great!