Dave Pajo Profanely Proves His Metalness


So Mr. Pajo—he of Slint, Zwan, Papa M, etc.—has a new power-metal band called Dead Child, all loaded up with badass staccato riffs blazing from what I have to assume are really, really, really pointy guitars. Song titles include “Rattlesnake Chalice,” “Wasp Riot,” “The Coldest Hands,” and “Twitch of the Death Nerve.” In this dark age of irony (not a bad song title, that), it is sad but understandable that some would accuse Dave of taking the piss.

In a lively chat with esteemed Columbus, Ohio blog Done Waiting, David bristles at this a bit:

To those anonymous critics that never experienced life before cell phones, internet, MTV, and compact discs:

* My front four teeth are fake because the Louisville Outlaw bikers knocked them out at the Iron Maiden concert in Louisville, KY in 1983. It was their ‘Piece of Mind’ tour and Fastway and Saxon opened. It must have been their first tour with their new drummer, Nicko McBrain. Fuck you.
* My first band was a metal/hardcore crossover band called ‘Maurice’. We did a tour opening for Samhain in 85? 86? I think ‘Unholy Passion’ had just come out. Glenn called my parents house months after the tour because he was forming a solo band called Danzig and he liked my guitar playing (I could shred way better then). I never called him back because we had just started Slint and I didn’t want to play show-off guitar anymore. FUCK you.
* I was playing Malmsteen licks when he was in Alcatraz – Rising Force hadn’t started yet. I saw Metallica with Cliff and they slayed. Fuck you and YOU.

Okay then. Dead Child plays the Knitting Factory April 23, and Europa April 30.