Mamma Mia! Sneak Peek: The Meryl Standing Tall


Meryl Streep singing ABBA might seem like the height of absurdity–like Pavarotti doing REO Speedwagon—but as the queen of accents and the foremost screen interpreter of international culture, she did play a Danish lady in Out of Africa, so why not sing something a little Swedish? At last night’s tribute to the goddess Meryl at Lincoln Center, the last clip shown was one from Mamma Mia!, and it wasn’t one of the montagey ones I’ve seen in trailers—you know, where you hear music, but no one’s actually singing. In this clip, Meryl stood high on a hill, her hair flowing in the wind, as she warbled “The Winner Takes it All” to Pierce Brosnan, who wisely just stood there as she emoted, ran, and competed with the scenery by belting it out. Using all her craft—and really rocking out on the high notes—Meryl’s performance got one of the night’s biggest ovations. What next—Meryl does the Village People?