My Upbeat Encounter with Alec Baldwin


I was walking with a friend down 12th Street Friday night when I heard a man at the wheel of a parked car call over to me, “Hello, sir!” I looked in, and it turned out to be Alec Baldwin! The movie star, constant SNL host, Golden Globe winner for 30 Rock, and Baldwin brother! I’ve interviewed Alec a few times and always marveled at the seductive charm he exudes in that sort of situation, though in his private life he can be more tempestuous than a wet hen. In fact, I spent much of the last year making TV appearances in which, while I said his ex-wife Kim Basinger should not be withholding legit access to their daughter, I also criticized Baldwin for leaving that horrendous “thoughtless little pig” message for the poor girl. Physician, heal thyself! Like so many of us–see my Naomi Campbell item–Baldwin clearly flits between oozy gentility and volcanic rage. But this time, he was beaming and shaking my hand, killing me with kindness by taking the high road—the way I would never do—and greeting me like a friend. What a pro. But what the hell was he doing sitting there behind the wheel? Is he taking on chauffeur work for extra cash? “I’m waiting for my girlfriend,” he said, still beaming. Kim Basinger probably had her strapped to a chair somewhere.