Get a feeling for Iceland—and avoid wearing a heavy coat—by checking out Take Your Time: Olafur Eliasson, the largest collection of the Icelander’s work in the U.S., which includes vast installations, sculptures, and photographs that represent the landscape and culture of his native country. Sponsored by MOMA and P.S.1, Eliasson is known for his placement of natural elements—water, ice, light, stone, etc.—in unnatural settings for an intense, highly absorbing experience. Be sure to check out one of his newest creations, entitled Take your time (2008), which consists of a large rotating mirror hanging from the ceiling that might throw you off balance, but will at least give you new perspective. There’s also the notable Reversed waterfall (1998), a work made of steel and four levels of scaffolding, with water pumps that squirt water (you guessed it) in reverse.

Sun., April 20, noon, 2008