Headlines to Rip From: What’s With All the Crazy Crime?


It might be a good thing that the pope’s arrival in the United States is hogging the front-page real estate, because the number of crime stories in today’s papers read like a writers’ pitch meeting for Law & Order. Here’s a quick rundown:

The biggest murder plot with an L&O twist comes from the Bronx, where a Bronx man allegedly staged a robbery to kill the mother of his child. Carlos Cruz hired his cousin to kill Chelsea Frazier and shoot Cruz in the leg to make it look a robbery gone wrong. Apparently the cousin, Devon Miller, forgot to shoot to shoot Cruz in the leg and Cruz ran after him. What Cruz exclaimed depends on what paper you read. In the News, it’s “You forgot to shoot me!” The Post reports it as “You gotta shoot me.”

The News goes all out on this story, with three reporters (the Post has two) and a timeline map of the incident. The News also includes larger photos of the key players: Frazier, Cruz and Miller, who’s shown in what looks like a possible perp walk photo. (You can’t tell if he’s cuffed or not.)

Another bad-relationship crime come to us from the Daily News. Brooklyn’s Shawn Fariera was so enraged that his ex would not allow him to see his infant daughter that he allegedly kidnapped the little girl at gunpoint yesterday. The child’s mother, Melissa Fyffe, has an order of protection out against Fariera. An Amber Alert was issued for 3-month-old Shamiece last night.

In Harlem, a suicidal off-duty mailman shot two of his neighbors yesterday before killing himself. Robert Caballero killed one of the neighbors, and injured the other. This story has the trademark tabloid luridness, especially since the Post decided to run a close-up photo of victim Vincent Volle, who is in critical condition. (It doesn’t look quite as gross in the black-and-white, but it’s still jarring.) The News goes with a classic shot of authorities hauling off Caballero’s body bag.

Finally, both papers have more on the celebrity scandal story of Rob Lowe and his former nanny. Jessica Gibson began talking to the press yesterday about the allegations that Lowe sexually abused her while she worked for him. Gibson claims that Lowe would expose himself to her, show her computer porn and ask him to talk dirty to her. Lowe denies the allegations and last week wrote on the Huffington Post that he was being blackmailed by Gibson.

I hope the Law & Order writers have been taking notes.