Which Stars Have Shattered Glass and Come Out?


Illustration from the Out piece by Julien Pacaud

In the new issue of Out magazine, I have a story called “Shattered Glass,” about how the celebrity closet has changed since my 2007 Out cover story on “The Glass Closet”—you know, stars’ tricky way of living gay lives without actually coming out on the record. The new piece covers the subtle shifts that have happened since then, which I can very gaily summarize like so:

David Hyde Pierce came out in a very quiet way soon after the “Glass Closet” piece, um, came out. (Yeah, I’ll take credit.) But then he got REALLY quiet—there’s not been a word since. (Don’t blame me.)

Neil Patrick Harris and TR Knight are still out, still successful, and still happy. Hooha!

Ditto for fellow TV stars John Barrowman and Bryan Batt, both of whom came out simply because they wanted to—not because of internet chatter or screaming fights with bigots!

But on another channel, Anderson Cooper is still publicly ambiguous. And still cute.

And bigtime movie star Jodie Foster? Well, after getting us inordinately excited by thanking “my beautiful Cydney” at a luncheon last December, she’s now more closeted than ever. Glass has practically turned to stone. Clearly Jodie left her honesty somewhere on Nim’s Island.

Who would YOU like to see come out? (Or go back in.)

“Shattered Glass” by Micheal Musto