Top Chef: Enough with ‘The Masses’


I was bouncing back and forth between the Yankees-Red Sox game and Top Chef last night (Which was more excruciating? It’s a toss up.) This is because I live in the stone age and do not yet have DVR.

But it seemed like every time I flipped back to Top Chef, some cheftestant or other was tossing around the phrase “the masses.” As in: “I don’t cook for the masses,” or “Since we’re cooking for the masses…”

I’m sorry, did you go to the Barack Obama Charm and Diplomacy School? Yes, the great unwashed could never wrap their minds around your grilled pear or your desiccated bread salad.

Does anyone else get a nasty little jolt when you hear that phrase?

Anyway! I’m glad hobbit Mark didn’t get booted. He’s one of the only contestants who seems like a person you’d actually want to hang out with. Although not in a bubble bath, thanks. His life story, as he tells it, hi-larious.