Where To Go For Well-Hung Art and Some Vino


There’s finally something to do before locking yourself in for the weekend! And you get free wine and cheese! I recently noticed that starting about 6PM every Thursday, gangs of seemingly sane people move en masse to 25th and 26th Streets, between 10th and 11th Avenues. This is where all the terminally chic, divinely fabulash art galleries are—many of them in the same buildings—and on Thursday they become a marvel of people watching, comp crackers, and even some art appreciation. Just get your ass in that vicinity and follow the throngs and you’ll be able to fill at least two solid hours by ogling overpriced experimental art along with pretentious wannabes with bad hairstyles. Act like you’re interested in buying the art and you might even get a piece of cake. The whole elaborate ritual is so sick I actually enjoy it, though I did get in trouble recently when I accidentally knocked down a shrub made of gum wrappers—twice—as I carelessly traipsed through one of the galleries. It turned out it was a sculpture priced at $20,000!