The Worst Laid Plans: The Freedom Tower Document Dump and Today’s Other Tabloid Exclusives


It seemed to be a sure bet that today’s front pages would be All Pope All The Time, but the Post throws us a curveball with its front-page exclusive on the discovery by a homeless man of two sets of blueprints for the Freedom Tower dumped in a Soho trash can. It’s not surprising that someone saw something and said something; what’s perplexing is why that person decided the Post needed to know over the authorities. The answer is probably, “to get his name in the paper,” but the question begs to be asked.

The Post uses this opportunity to rail against the Port Authority, as columnist Steve Cuozzo writes that this document dump is pretty much the most detailed news he’s been able to get out of the PA about the project. Cuozzo refers to the agency as “Kremlin-like” and “uptight” and argues “the PA is really run by an entrenched bunch of bureaucrats and engineers.” Tell us how you really feel, Steve! The Post also includes the news that Gov. Paterson is getting ready to find his own head of the Port Authority as the agency’s Executive Director Anthony Shorris resigned yesterday.

The News talks to Carlos Cruz, the man accused of arranging the murder of his ex-fiancee by hiring his cousin to make the shooting look like a botched robbery. Cruz exclusively talks to the Daily News about the event, insisting he didn’t want Chelsea Frazier to die, that he just wanted to scare her. Cruz says that the thought of Frazier with another man “grabbed hold of my heart and ate my brain.”

The News has an “exclusive” interview with City Councilman Dennis Gallagher, who will leave his office today as part of his plea bargain in a sexual-assault case. Gallagher said, “I feel still feel strongly that had this gone to trial, I would’ve been vindicated.” The Post, however, has similar quotes from Gallagher and information on the process of holding a special election for Gallagher’s seat. The only “exclusive” here for the News is that the paper has more detail about the process and names some potential candidates.

The other exclusive in today’s Daily News is the story of 11-year-old Angel Irizarry, a Bronx student who’s afraid to go back to school after his teacher allegedly bit him in the shoulder after he asked her for a taste of her pizza. Fifth-grade teacher Grace Lewis was arrested for misdemeanor assault last Friday, and she denies the charges. Angel’s mother says the boy is terrified to go back to school and adds, “All she did was bite him, but that’s traumatizing.” All she did? This story is one for the “bizarre” files, and we’re eagerly awaiting a follow-up.