Down in the Dempsey with Patrick’s New Wedding Comedy


A journalist friend of mine just interviewed Patrick Dempsey and made a Freudian slip that almost caused the biggest Grey’s Anatomy-related conflict since Isaiah Washington said the f word. Well, I might be exaggerating just a little bit. But what happened was my friend casually remarked to the actor, “So, you’ve made two wedding flicks in a row—Enchanted and 27 Dresses.” Dempsey didn’t seem too happy with this observation. In fact, he looked as if he was a character from his TV show who’d just gotten a very grim prognosis. 27 Dresses, of course, was the wedding comedy starring ANOTHER Grey’s Anatomy star, Katherine Heigl! Dempsey’s own immortal movie, naturally, is called Made of Honor. The rest of the interview was apparently as strained as the one where I asked Debbie Reynolds if she ever slept with Agnes Moorehead.