Tokyo Police Club: Tonight at Music Hall of Williamsburg, Tomorrow at Bowery


The Canadian quartet Tokyo Police Club waited a staggering three years—in the blog era, nothing short of a century—to release their debut, Elephant Shell, which finally comes out this Tuesday. Over that span, the foursome’s savvy take on the Strokes has gradually grown both leaner and lusher; Elephant Shell’s spare rhythm section now rivals any in indie rock, and the band’s frontman, Dave Monks, has segued from an early, bleating enthusiasm to something wearier and more intriguing. Thirty-six months of unrelenting hype have earned the band a rare three-night stand in New York City, but make no mistake: By now, the pleasure’s all ours. — ZACH BARON.

Tonight, April 21, at Music Hall of Williamsburg, tomorrow at Bowery Ballroom. SOLD OUT