Celebrities: They Might Be Like Us


There are a few brilliant celebrity stories in today’s issues of the Post and the Daily News that I feel I would be remiss in my duties if I didn’t share. First up is the the Cinderella quest of Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe. Radcliffe told reporters about an Australian beauty he had his eyes on at a party. He never caught her name or number. A girl came forward saying that she thinks she was the “missed connection” that night. Yes, it reads like something a clever publicist in the Hollywood Golden Age would concoct to make her star look likable. The twist, however, is that the “Aussie bombshell” has a boyfriend, and she’s not leaving him for the toast of Hogwarts.

Poor Natalie Portman. All she wanted to do was pet a cute doggie, but instead she gets peed on by said pooch. And yes, there is a photo of the incident.

In sadder news, American Idol winner Jordin Sparks has canceled a month’s worth of gigs after suffering from acute vocal-cord hemorrhaging. This could be a career-ending injury for the young diva. Sparks is under strict orders not to speak.

And, finally, this tidbit from Page Six is just too funny. Apparently Lindsay Lohan was at the Beatrice Inn with Samantha Ronson when Ashley Olsen stopped by to say hello. Not thrilled by her appearance, Lohan reportedly screamed, “Get your 15-year-old Full House a — away from my girlfriend!” Ah, drama!