Darkness Falls Across the Land


There’s a reason why hundreds of Filipino inmates danced in lockstep to Thriller, and that’s because the Michael Jackson song is about as universal as pop culture gets. Sure, the popularity of the Thriller album eventually helped propel MJ to the freak-show status he’s since achieved, but much respect is due to director John Landis, who exploited the singer’s inner weirdness before anyone else did. The Tribeca Film Festival, as part of their Drive-In series, will host a special 25th-anniversary screening of the “Thriller” video, as well as a making-of special, with Landis on hand. The evening will also feature an MJ look-alike contest and a “Thriller” face-painting station, and you’ll get the chance to learn the “Thriller” dance (like you don’t have the moves down already).

Thu., April 24, 7 p.m., 2008