What’s in a name? Hollywood producer Doug Claybourne and playwright L.D. Napier asked themselves this question when President Bush named the situation in Darfur “genocide” in 2005. “I grew up learning about the Holocaust and wondering what I would have done had I been there. How could people have stood by?” asks Napier. “Then Rwanda happened. Bosnia happened. And I did nothing.” Now, he and Claybourne are doing something: They’ve organized Four Days for Darfur, a benefit for Darfur Peace and Development, the Genocide Intervention Network, and Oxfam, which includes last night’s fancy-schmancy gala and a three-day run of Napier’s new play, The G-Word: For Those Born Later, in which the author covers the history of the word “genocide,” interspersed with true stories from Darfur.

Mon., April 28, 8 p.m., 2008