Waffles and Wrestling: The PA Primary Is Here!


Today is the calm before the storm. Instead of having to slog through pages of Pennsylvania primary coverage, we only get a few last-minute stories on the presidential campaign. The lessons learned are don’t get between Barack Obama and his waffles and that Hillary Clinton has guns blazing in her new attack ad. (She also may be going broke.)

The Democratic primary is make-or-break for Clinton, and the News provides a snazzy little infographic about what will happen if the New York Senator wins by a certain margin, or if she loses at all. The Post concentrates on Hillary’s “Pennsyl-thin” lead in the polls and provides the same “what-if” scenario run-down. The interesting thing here is how each paper phrases the “what-ifs.” The News says that if Clinton wins by 10 points or more, then it will “quiet calls from the sidelines for her to get out,” while the Post frames it as “landslide puts her back in contest.” The little shifts in perspective are interesting.

The other bizarre presidential media items are mentioned in the paper, but took place on television last night. All three presidential candidates appeared on WWE’s Monday Night Raw, each spouting ridiculous “catchphrases,” which both papers have a little fun with. We’ll have to see if “Hill-Rod” will “got the mat” for PA voters, or if the Keystone state “smell[s] what Barack is cooking” or if we should fear a day when “John McCain and all his McCainiacs run wild on ya?”

Meanwhile, our actual president—the one currently in office—appeared on last night’s Deal or No Deal.