Why We Won’t Win The Election


This should have been the easiest time in history for the Democrats to sweep into the White House. Dubya‘s approval rating is lower than Conan O’Brien‘s and everyone’s fed up with the lies behind the war in Iraq as well as the terrifying state of the economy, both of which are hideously related. Anyone Democratic—even a reality show runner-up—would have pranced along and trounced anyone Republican at this point. It was a no brainer! But instead, our top candidates are a half-African-American and a woman who are dividing the party with their bitter fights, gradually alienating everyone who might have liked either one of them. I’m all for progress blah blah blah and can’t wait to see the day when we have a black or female (or black female) President, but perhaps now was not the right time to experiment and put “risky” candidates up, not when we could so effortlessly have sailed in and taken over with someone more universally popular. Adding to that, the fact that these two have such equal appeal (and non-appeal) that they’re going to fight to the finish line is tearing the party apart, and it’s gotten much uglier than it needed to. It seems every time Obama is honest and incisive about the state of our country, he gets crucified for being “anti-American.” His remarks about justifiably bitter Pennsylvanians and the power situations they cling to seemed spot-on to me, but of course Hillary used it to say he’s elitist and out of touch and to score points about how uncomplicated and nice Pennsylvanians are (a pont of view which doesn’t do them any favors). As the two gorgons battle it out, we’re surely paving the way for the unbridled horror of President McCain! Our only hope right now is if we can catch McCain in a few “senior situations”–like maybe confusing Al Jazeera with Al Jarreau–but I suspect even that won’t get us the Presidency. And I’m starting to wonder if we really deserve it.