Take My Book—Please!


Please buy my book, La Dolce Musto! It’s a brand, spanking new collection of my greatest rants and ravings through the years! All right, it actually came out a year and a half ago, but it must still be available on Amazon, and it’s probably just a quarter by now. I swear to Christ the book got rave reviews (“Rapier wit…Musto is masterful at cutting through thickets of hype to get at something true”—Chicago Tribune) and the publisher was actually all set to come out with a follow-up—they even printed promo cards that everyone at a Tony awards luncheon last year got in the gift bag (see above)—but then out of the blue, they fucking dissolved that particular label! And it was not at all because of me—blame Adrienne Barbeau‘s book first!

Anyway, Grand Central Publishing was interested in taking over publication of the sequel, but they must have also derailed or something because I never heard back from them. (Maybe they’re mad that I declined to write a book they were desperate for me to do about the Mickey Mouse Club. True story.) And some time ago, the LGBT publisher Alyson Books told me they don’t have good luck with compilations, so they took a pass and wished me lotsa luck. Thanks, gay community! So here I am, a celebrated international author with a lovely best seller all ready to go, but no contract. But why am I telling you all this? I should be saving it for my next book.