The ‘Weekend at Bernie’s’ Guys Go Free!


One of the biggest tabloid stories of the last few months was the entertaining and slightly macabre tale of David Daloia and James O’Hare. These two guys (“palookas,” as the Post called them) had the brilliant idea to roll their friend Virgilio Cintron’s corpse into a check-cashing shop so they could cash Cintron’s $355 Social Security check. Unfortunately, this scheme stopped short when a cop saw Daloia and O’Hare awkwardly rolling their pal’s body down the street.

But, good news, “Bernie” fans! Daloia and O’Hare are going free! A Manhattan judge dismissed the case against the two numbskulls yesterday, citing a lack of evidence. Since life is not an episode of CSI, authorities weren’t able to pin down the exact time of death for Cintron, which means that it could be feasible that Cintron was alive at the time of the shenanigans.

Daloia and O’Hare are taking it in stride. They’re perplexed by their notoriety, as Daloia said outside court, “I thought Britney Spears took her pants down again.” Yeah, Britney’s lack of clothing may make headlines, but you two are on page 2 of the Daily News and page 10 of the Post. That’s not too shabby.